Something To Think About

What If? There is a God

What if? The Bible is The Truth.

What if? Creation is a reality

What if? Sin is real

What if? Jesus was and is God’s son

What if? You must be Born Again

What if? There was a virgin birth

What if? Jesus was crusified

What if? Jesus rose from the dead

What if? Jesus went back to Heaven

What if? Jesus is going to return to…..

What if? Satan was cast out of heaven

What if? There is a place of eternal punishment

What if? You have to repent

What if? Being good is not acceptable

What if? You need to change the way that you are living

What if? You need to fix your relationship with God

What if? You seriously need to seek God for forgiveness

What if? Jesus is the answer

What if? There is a Lamb’s Book Of Life

What if? John 3:16 is the way

What if? At the end of The Lord’s prayer you said “I pray this in Jesus name amen”

What if? You took time to read Psalm 23 and insert your name into The The Lord is Mary’s shepherd, Mary shall not want, The Lord let’s Mary lie down in green pastures, The Lord leads Mary beside still waters, The Lord restores Mary’s soul, The Lord leads Mary in path’s of righteousness for The Lord’s sake. Yea though Mary walk’s through the valley of the shadow of death, Mary will feel no evil, for The Lord is with Mary. The Lord’s rod and The Lord’s staff comfort Mary. The Lord prepares a table for Mary in the presense of Mary’s enemies, The Lord anoints Mary’s head with oil, Mary’s cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow Mary all the days of Mary’s life and Mary will dwell in the house of The Lord forever.

What if? You took time to find out what what your life is all about. What if? You need to make changes. What if? You have been making bad decisions. What if? You went to church. What if? You read the bible. What if? You ask questions about the what if’s on the internet.

You can read my story and the decision that I made. I have peace, I have hope. Even as I write this, I know that God goes before me, that God is with me and that God is following me. What more could I ask for?

John3:16 is the answer