Why Are Jews Hated

A seven year old girl asked me this question. Why are Jews hated? This is not how I answered..
The answer is complicated..Here is one answer.. Max Nordau, the great Zionist leader, “The Jews are not hated because they have evil qualities; evil qualities are sought for in them because they are hated.”

Still, that begs the question: Why? Here is another reason..”It detests Jews because it acknowledges that Jews are the conscience of humanity and the lawgivers of ethical and moral behavior.”Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Think about this statement…Those who should be hated, are not, and those who shouldn’t be hated, are…
I’m not sure if I hate anybody or do I??? however; there are a number of things that I dislike..
How would you answer a seven year old, so he or she would not hate as is being taught in many cultures.