Getting Our Priorities Straight

The priorities, for most people the world over, has changed. Just stop and think of yourself and what was your priority. a month ago, a week ago or maybe yesterday. Maybe, this is a good time for us to look at gettiing our priorities straight.

Here are a few things that were foremost in my life, in my mind and in the lives of some of my friends and family. Many things on this list are still a priority for me, for my family and friends.

Christian walk,  Family, Work, Health, Recreation, The Internet, Gambling, Travel, Liquor, Accommodations. Drugs, Personal Growth, etc.

The Coronova virus has prompted or forced us to make some changes to our priorities. Thankfully. I can still live and put into practice, what is and has been my top priority in life, worshiping and serving God. Since restrictions have been put in place, I have been able to spend more time in “The Word” and people are more readily to talk about the bible and Christianity. Many people are scared and have little hope. Now is the time for those of us who profess to be Christians, live out our Christ like walk.

I had been praying for family members and friends who had forgotten about God. Their time for worship was replaced by other things that they felt was a priority in their life. With both parents working, they had to find time to be with the children. Sport, camping, shopping and other things became more important then spending time as a family, in a place of worship. There was no time for God.

People had become stressed and pressured to keep up with their friends and neighbours. We were of the opinion that what we wanted, we needed. Many of us took on debt loads to try and fulfill our desires.

It’s 3:30 am as I began writing this aricle and I had just finished my devotional. Please forgive me because I write as I think and the sentence structure may not be correct. In my opinion, the most important thing is that, I and you who are reading this post, take something from it.

I will be placing some links, below, to websites that teach us how to prioritize our life. Some will be from Christian writers and other will be from other sources.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this post. It is sincerely appreciated. The photo  is of Sparky. He is owned by my friend Clyde and for me it is a picture of contentment and peace. Be blessed.


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“Our first priority is to keep God central by continually coming to Christ and by offering spiritual sacrifices to God through Him.” Steven J Cole

I will be inserting more links. I would suggest doing a search online to find more info about your priorities.

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